About company

Research and Development Institute with wood since 1993 deals with activities that are necessary to guarantee the quality of products made of wood or wood-based. Increasing size of the market, whether in the Czech Republic or worldwide brings the need to confirm that the product sold actually achieve quality by specified by the manufacturer. Our institute is authorized to act as authorized body no.222 on conformity assessment and certification of products entering the Czech market. Under the designation Notified Body no.1393 we are also commissioned to assess the products placed on the European market.

Certification and conformity assessment of products in the wood processing industry is only one of many activities of our institute. The testing laboratory offers testing products and whole buildings. The laboratory is accredited since 1993 by the Czech Institute for Accreditation for testing wood panels and products thereof and in terms of their mechanical and physical properties and wholesomeness. It also deals with testing building joinery products, paints and their durability, fungicidal and insecticidal effect, and not least to deal with diagnostics of wood based buildings.

Timber Institute is registered in the list of institutes qualified for expert activities in the fields of wood – processing, forestry and engineering.

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