Wooden nurseries in the Chamber of Deputies

At the beginning of May, the Chamber of Deputies hosted a seminar under the auspices of the Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Jana Krutáková, on the topic “Schools built from wood: a case study of the Republic of Finland”. The event was held in the presence of Nina Vaskunlahti, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Finland, Petri Heino, Programme Manager of the Ministry of the Environment of Finland and other persons from the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Prague, invited companies with Finnish participation and expert guests.

The Timber Research Institute was also represented at the event. This was the second meeting on the use of wood in construction on the floor of the Chamber of Deputies. The topic of timber buildings will continue to be on the radar of MPs.

The seminar was organised by Tomáš Dubský, Josef Flek, Ondřej Lochman and Lukáš Vlček, Members of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

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