For Wood Fair – How to (not) drown a wooden building?

On 9-11 February, the FOR WOOD 2023 trade fair will be held at the PVA EXPO Praha in Letňany. The 15th Wooden Buildings, Structures and Materials Fair will take place simultaneously with the FOR PASIV, FOR THERM and ROOFINGS PRAHA fairs.

The Timber Research Institute will be represented by our experts in the accompanying programme. On Thursday and Friday, they will share their experience from the supervision, inspection and diagnostic measurements of wooden buildings. Come not only to listen to the lectures, but you can also consult with them about your individual needs.


Thursday 9.2.2023, 2:30-3pm.

Ing. Václav Motejzík, Head of the Department of Timber Buildings of the Timber Research Institute “How (not) to drown a modern wooden building” What and when should be kept in mind when designing and realizing the installation of a wooden building in the ground? Let’s take a look at the dangers of drowning and flooding of timber buildings based on the expert opinions of the Institute of Timber Construction. And above all, let’s learn from the mistakes of others!

Friday 10.2.2023, 10:30-11:30am.

Ing. Jiří Brich, technician of the Timber Research Institute “What should be observed when inspecting the construction of a wooden building?” Construction is a process that can be set up as a system with operational deviations, as a set of rules for key areas or as a set of steps with a high degree of improvisation. How can the construction process be controlled and what to look for?

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