Authorisation for prefabricated wood-concrete structures

The Office for Technical Standardization, Metrology and State Testing has issued a decision on the extension of the authorization of the Timber Institute to the product group 3/8 Elements for jointed wood-concrete structures. The auditors of the Timber Institute will carry out conformity assessment of the products specified under Article 12(1) of the Act by Government Regulation No. 163/2002 Coll., defining technical requirements for selected construction products.

Invitation to the conference Wooden Buildings in Practice

We invite you to the traditional conference Wooden Buildings in Practice, which is intended for the professional public and those interested in the construction of wooden buildings. Two dates have been prepared for this year: September 8, 2022 at the Primavera Hotel in Pilsen and September 15 at the Santon Hotel in Brno. The professional program will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., then the social part will follow.
The program includes workshops, examples from practice, professional lectures and technical support from experts.

Patronage is also held by the Timber Research Institute.

Details and registration can be found on the organizer’s website:

The path to the perfect timber building at For Arch Fair 2022

Technicians of the Timber Institute will once again lecture on the possibilities, certification and method of construction of wooden buildings at the 33rd International Building Fair For Arch, which will be held from 20 to 24 September 2022.

On Tuesday, 20 September at 1 p.m. Ing. Jiří Brich will give a lecture on How to control the quality of construction of wooden buildings? Construction is a process that can be set up as a system with operational deviations, as a set of rules for key areas or as a set of steps with a high degree of improvisation. How can the construction process be controlled and what to look for?

A Look at the Path to the Perfect Wooden Building will be presented on Wednesday, 21 September at 14.00 by Ing. Václav Motejzík. The technicians of the Timber Research Institute visit around 300 wooden buildings a year. They have already encountered many mistakes when diagnosing buildings and searching for “mysterious” causes of defects and failures. In their work, they have long tried to promote the quality of wooden buildings and to increase the knowledge of builders, installers, designers and investors.

Both lectures will take place in Entrance Hall II, Conference Centre, Hall 2.

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