Memory of Wood – meeting of experts on the topic of historical wood

On 15 June, there will be an expert seminar on the Memory of Wood, which will include practical demonstrations on historic wood, its durability, its enemies and the possibilities of saving it.

The seminar is intended for experts in the field of conservation, experts in the field of rehabilitation of wooden structures, architects, designers and construction companies involved in the reconstruction of historic buildings, as well as administrators or owners of these buildings.

The event takes place from 9 a.m. in Chaloupky Baliny near Velký Meziříčí.

The seminar will open with a lecture “The life cycle of the shrub carpenter as a basis for understanding the risk of infestation” by Ing. Anna Součková, Head of the Materials and Product Testing Laboratory of the Timber and Research Institute. This will be followed by “The centuries-long struggle of man with wood-destroying fungi and insects in buildings – why is the situation still undecided?”, Ing. Marek Polášek, Ph.D., Head of the Research and Development Department of the Timber and Research Institute.

Other speakers will be experts from STOP, z.s., the Institute of Archaeological Heritage Care of Central Bohemia, ADKALIS and H&K WOOD PRESERVATION.

Registration for the event should be sent to,

The event is organized by: ADKALIS S.A. and WOODEXPERT s.r.o. in cooperation with the Timber Research and Development Institute, Prague, s.p. and the Society for Technology of Monument Protection – STOP, z.s.

Invitation to the expert and discussion seminar Present and future of forestry and wood processing

The programme of the seminar with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture for the Management of the Forestry Section Mgr. Patrik Mlynář and under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic aims to highlight the critical elements of the current structure of relations in forestry and timber processing (capacity and value of processing) and to present options for their development.

The current debate in forestry and wood processing is the raw material policy of wood in relation to the dramatic energy situation and the ecology of climate change.

What are the possibilities of solving the export and timber shortage for processors in the Czech Republic?

How to address the risk of changing the species composition of stands from the 90% dependence of processors on spruce tree?

The seminar will present unpublished data and their interpretation on the horizon up to 2035.

Come and find out more about the overall situation in the Czech Republic and share your opinion on the future direction of our industry in the discussion!

Date: Wednesday, 15 June 2022 (1 p.m.-4 p.m.)

Venue: Art & Event Gallery Černá labuť, 8th floor, Na Poříčí 25, Prague 1,

Register for the event no later than 7 June 2022 on this page.

The condition for participation in the event is registration and payment of the participation fee before the date of the event. The price of the seminar is 1 150 CZK incl. VAT/1 person, includes an electronic version of the Czech and EU reports for 2021 and a subscription to the 2022 reports.

Payment Instructions: The tax receipt will be issued according to the identification details in the registration. Fee 1 150 CZK incl. 1,150 VAT per person, pay to FIO Bank account – 2900972576/2010. Please enter your name in the note, variable symbol 60.

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