, Building Fair Online 2023 advises builders in challenging times

For the fourth time, the largest online construction trade fair at will take place on 28-29 January 2023. On the digital platform, experts from building material manufacturers, technology, installation and construction companies will connect with those interested in building, housing, renovation and heating.

The Timber Institute has become an expert partner of the event and will provide independent advice to visitors of the fair.

Participation in the event is free for interested parties and builders. After registering at , they will receive an access code to enter the platform during the fair. They can then connect from the comfort and safety of their home from a computer or mobile phone.

At the online event, interested parties can watch dozens of live lectures, consult with specialists, directly discuss their needs and problems in this challenging time, and also compete for interesting prizes from the exhibitors.

Facts and figures from the previous event are supplemented by Ing. Ivana Duchoňová, director of the fair: “A year ago, over 12,000 visitors showed interest in the online fair, more than 10,000 of them signed up for the live lectures, during which the exhibitors gave them competitive prizes worth over CZK 300,000.”
Ing. Petr Novák, co-founder of the fair, comments: “Based on hard data from the three completed rounds, we concluded that our online fair created a valuable space for the needs of investors and suppliers, manufacturers in the construction industry. The fact that one visitor spent an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes in his free time at the event can also be evidence.”

Visitors will get a lot of useful information at the fair.

Expert advice is also provided by the fair’s partners – the Association of Prefab House Suppliers, the Passive House Center, the Timber Research and Development Institute, the Guild of Stove Makers, the Guild of Heaters and Plumbers, the Czech Peleta Cluster, the Association of Entrepreneurs in Shading Technology, the Czech Chamber of Light Exterior Walls, the Guild of Mechanical Locking Systems , Guild of tinsmiths, roofers and carpenters.

More on the organizer’s website:

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