Research on airtightness of wooden buildings published

For several years, the Timber Research Institute, together with experts from the CTU and ČZU, has been collecting and evaluating data from measurements of the airtightness of buildings. This unique statistical data set was compiled, analysed and published in the prestigious scientific journal Building and Environment, issue 194. The use of the Blower door diagnostic method, which the Timber Research Institute carries out in an accredited mode, has been shown to contribute significantly to improving the performance of timber buildings. Therefore, one of the indirect results of the research is the confirmation of the well-known truth that prevention (using scientific knowledge) is better than subsequent complex and costly repair.

Reference to the article in the publication Building and Environment (ENG):

Factors influencing envelope airtightness of lightweight timber-frame houses built in the Czech Republic in the period of 2006-2019:

This research was supported by the Grant Agency of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague (projects SGS19/143/OHK1/3T/11 and SGS20/153/OHK1/3T/11) and the Grant Agency of the Timber Research and Development Institute in Prague (project TIP/IGA/1/2019).

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