What prevents wooden buildings from expanding in the market?

The analytical company CEEC Research has prepared a Quarterly Analysis of the Czech Construction Industry Q1/2023, in which it dealt with the market share of wooden buildings and barriers to their expansion.

12% of construction companies are involved in timber buildings. The majority of construction companies (67%) consider wood construction to be more environmentally friendly. According to the respondents, the purchase costs of wooden buildings are roughly the same as those of conventional buildings. According to the construction companies involved in timber buildings, the spread of these buildings is mainly limited by the low awareness of their good quality.

Eduard Muřický, Deputy Chief Director of the Economy Section of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic commented on the situation in the study:

“The Ministry of Industry and Trade has long supported work to update the standards applicable to timber buildings to remove potential barriers to the increased use of wood-based materials. In this context, it cooperates with the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of the CTU and in the field of standards development with the Czech Agency for Standardization. The University Centre is working on the creation of normative conditions for fire safety for the increased use of wood in the construction industry.

The Timber Research and Development Institute is working on a project on the use of wood in relation to the life cycle of buildings, energy consumption and environmental impacts for the future use of wood as a building material.

The MIT together with the Ministry of Agriculture is also cooperating at European level to create conditions for the use of wood-based products in the construction industry.”

Read more in the CEEC Research press release.

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